Your oral health includes more than just taking care of your teeth. Having healthy gums is essential to having good oral health, and our dental professionals at Comfort Dental Group are here to ensure that your gums remain healthy. Dr. Armen Ambarachyan and his associate dentists will evaluate your oral health during your visits and provide any necessary treatments to keep your gums healthy. We will also educate you on how you can care for your gums at home. For more information about how to maintain periodontal health in La Mirada, California, we welcome you to contact us at 562-947-7000 and schedule your appointment.

Your gums play a vital role in your oral and overall health. When you take care of your gums, you can avoid many problems; however, not caring for your gums can lead to severe permanent damage to your smile and your health. If you neglect to care for your gums, odds are you will develop gingivitis or gum disease, among other things.

Gingivitis is the beginning stages of gum, or periodontal, disease. Symptoms of gingivitis include swollen, red, and bleeding gums that are often sensitive to touch. Oftentimes, these symptoms can be very subtle and difficult. That is why it is important to maintain healthy dental hygiene habits and visit your dentist regularly; doing so can help our dentists catch any signs of gingivitis early on. If gingivitis is not caught, however, and it continues to develop, it will turn into the more serious condition of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, or periodontitis, is when gingivitis spreads and becomes an infection inside your gums. The gums will become more inflamed and irritable, and they will begin to separate from the teeth. When this happens, pockets begin to form and collect plaque and bacteria that feed the infection. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to permanent damage of the jawbone, gums, and teeth.

Although gingivitis and periodontal disease are serious conditions, there are treatments to maintain and sometimes reverse the affects. Our dentists will evaluate your oral health to determine which treatment best meets your needs. For more information, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today.

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